At Koinonia Nursery we supply and offer planting services for a wide range of shelterbelt trees and shrubs. Our service areas range across Manitoba , Saskatchewan and Western Ontario. Whether you have a residential or commercial project, Koinonia nursery has the right resources and expertise to meet your shelterbelt needs. For farmers we provide shelterbelts for protection of crops, soil, barns and animals.  Furthermore, we also offer consultations to recommend the best mix of foliage, taking into account issues such as soil, climate, air circulation, shadows, visibility and other factors.

 We provide planting and maintenance services to clients who would like to guarantee the protection of their investment to maturity. Our maintenance services ensure your shelter belt grows to maturity and self sustenance. Maintenance services include but are not limited to tree planting, hedge planting, watering, controlling competing vegetation and replacing dead trees and shrubs as necessary.



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Shelterbelt and Windbreak Trees