Minuet Weigela

Mature Size: 40”w x 40”h
Foliage: Greenish Purple
Blooms: Ruby Pink with Yellow Throat
Zone 3
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Minuet Weigela has showy flowers and foliage color. The leaves are slightly purple and maintain their color all season long. Its spring blooms are yellow-throated, ruby-pink flowers in a trumpet shape. These wonderful blooms attract pollinators, butterflies and hummingbirds. These flowers will sporadically bloom again throughout the summer.

For placement, its dwarf size allows it to be positioned in small beds or spots with not a lot of room. It is quite hardy, as it was developed in Canada and has an impressive cold tolerance. It will do best in full sun, but can also tolerate other conditions. It can also be pruned, so you can shape as needed.