Amber Jubilee Ninebark

Mature Size: 4’w x 6’h
Foliage: Yellow and Orange, to Lime Yellow, lastly Purple/Red
Blooms: White Clusters
Zone 2
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The Amber Jubilee Ninebark has a variety of changing foliage colors. In spring, it’s a blend of yellow and orange, with clusters of white blooms. In fall, the foliage turns lime-yellow, and ends with purple-red. After it has aged a bit, once winter arrives, this shrub truly stands out. The bark slowly peels back and as it does so, it reveals amazing hues of red, tan, brown, green and gray.

For placement, it stands out in a garden border or makes an eye-catching hedge. Place in full sun for best performance. Plant in moist, well drained soil. Once it’s established, it can handle droughts, torrential rains and even wet feet close to water. Animal pests won’t even touch this hardy, easy to plant shrub.